Product bundling is when several individual items that are either usable together or not are combined as a single unit.

In product bundling, items that tend to be used together when bundled, gain sales faster than when items that are not relayed are bundled.

Most times they come with a discount or extra benefits like free shipping or gifts to motivate customers to buy. Bundling alone is one way to motivate customers to buy and increase their RPV.

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How Does Product Bundling Benefit Your Shopify Store

1. Increased average order value: Bundling products together allows e-commerce Shopify stores to offer customers a more comprehensive and value-packed shopping experience. This can lead to customers purchasing more items at once, resulting in an increased average order value.

2. Improved customer satisfaction: By offering customers a bundle of products that complement each other and solve a specific problem or meet a specific need, e-commerce Shopify stores can improve customer satisfaction and create a more loyal customer base.

3. Increased customer retention: Bundling products together allows e-commerce Shopify stores to create unique and appealing offers that can be difficult for customers to find elsewhere. This can help to increase customer retention and reduce churn rates.

4. Increased sales and revenue: By offering customers a bundle of products at a discounted price, e-commerce Shopify stores can increase sales and revenue by appealing to customers who are looking for a good deal and value for money.

5. Improved inventory management: Bundling products together can help e-commerce Shopify stores to manage their inventory more effectively by reducing excess stock and encouraging customers to purchase products that may be slow-moving or difficult to sell individually.