Hack Your Shopify Growth Using Marketing Tools With One App Integration

StoreBundle features several marketing apps to create sales urgency, social proof, capture leads, protect your store, and offer customers the best shopping experience.


Make happy visitors, turn them into happy customers. Engage your visitors, and turn them into loyal customers.

Offer Quality Leads

Craft enticing offers that reward you with quality information leads to help you build your mailing list and give customers a memorable experience.

Keep Rules & Data Safe

Build customers’ trust without breaching data policy guidelines by seeking consent and terms of business for better service.

Protect Your Store

Stay at the top of your traffic game by blocking unwanted traffic. Protect your product images and content.

Do More Sales Numbers

Gain more traffic conversion to sales by engaging strategies that quicken purchase decisions and increase customers’ AOV.

Improve Customer Experience

Work all these marketing apps to satisfy your customers with unparalleled customer service and experience. 

Improve Site Speed

Get your store to load faster by integrating StoreBundle. Needless to install many apps for different things. 

App Features

Reach your goals with proficient marketing tools.

Promo Bars

Use elegant banners to make store-wide announcements, give discounts, or capture leads.

Pop Ups

Use elegant Pop-Ups to make store-wide announcements, give discounts, or capture leads.

Welcome Mats

Capture quality leads and display information to customers using welcome mats and fullscreen pop-ups.

Visitors Count

Display social proof for customers to quicken purchase decisions and strengthen brand trust.

Sold Count

Instil urgency and social proof by displaying the quantity of a product sold and the quantity available.

Cart Countdown

Create sales urgency using timers in customers’ carts and boost sales.

Geo Location Block/Redirect

Restrict unwanted traffic from accessing your store based on location. Create a blacklist, whitelist, and block proxy IP/VPN.

Free Shipping Bar

Create an interactive bar that tells customers when they have qualified for free shipping

Terms And Conditions Bar

Get customers to read and accept your store’s terms of business before checking out on their carts.

GDPR Cookie Bar

Get cookie consent from customers before accessing their cookies in line with the general data protection regulation.

Content Protection

Retain originality by protecting your images and content from being used by third-party. Block right-clicks and shortcuts.

Cart Upsell

Upsell items you want to improve their sales by using a product as a trigger when added to the cart.


Choose a plan that fits your growth goal.


Promo Bar

Welcome Mat

Pop Ups

Visitors Count

Sold Count

Cart Countdown Timer

Free Shipping Bar

Terms & Conditions Cart Checkbox

GDPR Cookie Bar

Content Protection

5 Geo-Location Block/Redirect Rules

1 IP Address Whitelisting

Cart Upsell

Storebundle Branding



Everything in Free Plan

Unlimited Geo-location Block/Redirect Rules

Geolocation Block/Redirect Analytics

Block VPN Users

Unlimited IP Address Whitelisting

Redirect Notification Pop Up

Inactive Tab Message

No Storebundle Branding

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