Combo is an e-commerce terminology where retailers blend different products to be put out to customers as one attractive sale.

Combo is a casual e-commerce word for product bundling where products as sold together as one purchase.

It is usually created to improve sales for slow-moving items and encourage customers to purchase them by offering discounts or coupons.

Retailers usually take advantage of this marketing strategy when sales are not excellent and some items have stayed too long on the shelve. And naturally, customers would want to purchase multiple items when there’s something that appears like a price slash.

Price And Product Bundling: Increase Average Order Value With This Marketing Strategy [Advantages & Disadvantages]

Benefits Of Creating Product Combo For Your Shopify Customers

1. Increased product visibility and accessibility for customers

2. Opportunity to offer bundled products at a discounted price

3. Increased average order value and revenue

4. Streamlined inventory management and fulfillment process

5. Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.