trigger product


Trigger products for e-commerce Shopify stores are products that are specifically designed to drive customer engagement and sales. These products are typically high-quality, unique, and relevant to the target audience. Examples of trigger products for e-commerce Shopify stores include popular and trending items, limited edition or exclusive products, and seasonal items.

These products are often featured prominently on the store’s homepage or in special promotions to grab the attention of customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

How To Increase Cart Conversion Rates For Your Shopify Store

In e-commerce marketing, trigger products are used to enhance purchase decisions or upsell and cross-sell another item. It is a promotional tool in marketing.

For example, when trying to improve sales for a slow-moving product and you want to use cart upsell as a means of promoting the product. When a customer adds item A and gets to see another product B displayed in their cart, this is how the trigger product works.

Item A here is the trigger product.

To get that item displayed in customers’ carts, will mean using software that automatically displays the product in customers’ carts when they add the trigger product.

Cart Upsell is a feature on StoreBundle where you can use a fast-selling product as a trigger to promote a slow-moving product.

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