Order fulfillment encompasses the entire process, beginning with the sale and ending with delivery to your consumer.

Order Fulfillment

A third party must execute the order fulfillment stages for the e-commerce web business, which include receiving, processing, packing, picking, and delivering an online purchase to clients.

Steps in Order Fulfillment
1. Receiving
2. Picking
3. Packing
4. Shipping

How To Handle Order Fulfillment For Shopify Stores

1. Set up a system for tracking orders and inventory. This can be done manually or through a fulfillment software.

2. Ensure that your inventory is accurately reflected on your Shopify store. This includes keeping track of product quantities and updating them as orders are placed.

3. Create a process for fulfilling orders. This may involve packing and labeling the products, creating shipping labels, and coordinating with a shipping carrier to pick up the package.

Order Management For E-commerce Shopify Store

4. Monitor the status of orders and track their progress through the fulfillment process. This can be done manually or through a fulfillment software.

5. Communicate with customers throughout the fulfillment process, including providing tracking information and updates on their order status.

6. Handle any returns or exchanges that may arise in a timely and professional manner.

7. Regularly review and update your fulfillment process to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction.