Abandoned Cart

When a customer adds a product to an eCommerce site’s online shopping cart but does not go to checkout and finalize the transaction. Users may abandon if they are not ready to purchase. Instead, they’re utilizing their basket as a “wish list” while they compare costs and shop.

Usually, when customers abandon their shopping carts, the customer will be reminded by the store with an email which often comes in a sequence. A discount can be used to catch the attention of such customers to ensure that they finalize their purchase process.


To get a customer who has abandoned their cart to complete the purchase transaction, you need to send a copy that captivates them to buy. You can include in the email you want to send as a reminder the benefits of the product or other offers that come along with buying from your store. You can initiate a discount, free delivery, or gifts

A copy with a vivid subject line and imagery can engage your customers. Ensure you don’t leave them to assumption. In the email to remind them about their abandoned cart, list the items they have in their shopping cart for ease of purchase decision.