Native advertising is a sort of advertising that corresponds to the appearance and function of the platform on which it appears. In many circumstances, it acts similarly to an advertorial and takes the form of a video, article, or editorial. The term “native” refers to the content’s consistency with the other media on the platform.

Native advertisements, a performance marketing approach, function on the basis of supply and demand. Publishers with an audience and reach who want to monetize their website are on the supply side. Advertisers trying to reach an audience and achieve goals such as awareness, revenue, or lead generation are on the demand side.

Native advertising


The principle of presenting adverts in a relevant and unobtrusive setting where they naturally belong is at the heart of native advertising.

Native advertising will most likely appear the same as all other articles and pieces of material surrounding it, and in circumstances when the aim is brand recognition, you may not see some of the typical terms you’re used to seeing in adverts.

Advantages of Native Advertising
– It easily aligns with your marketing funnel
– It’s non-disruptive
– Reach the audience segments you want